Getting ready. Last of the hot stuff.

The stack of skulls is out of the box

It’s time to be thinking of Halloween decorations for the outside of the house and we took the first steps today. Pete Petersen came by and pulled out the under-deck storage tray where we store many holiday items and Elaine and I took out the Halloween stuff. One box was too heavy for either of us to lift, so Pete also took that one out and removed its contents; that was the stack of skulls you see in the photo. We have lots more to go!

Some boxes with Halloween decorations

One Halloween decoration we use is a very large fuzzy spider and each year we try to use it differently. Last year I hung it on the front of the house, replacing the large metal sun usually there. Today we discussed a different idea I have and you’ll see how that works out once we have it done.

We also have many other items, such as a skeleton, a dog skeleton (named Skel), a witch, and other appropriate stuff. Elaine will figure out where to put all those items.

We also have to plan for decorating our golf cart for the Halloween Parade later this month.

Tonight I finished the leftovers that Bobby Fierro gave me yesterday; they were at least as spicy tonight as they were last night! While I sometimes put my empty dish on the floor for Kerby or Gizmo to lick clean, with spicy foods I do not. I don’t know if it would harm them, but don’t want to take a chance. After all, it is my choice to eat spicy foods but I don’t have to force it on them or encourage them to do it.

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