Doggy maintenance. Shopping at The Home Depot. Leftovers.

It was time for Kerby and Gizmo to have their three-week session with Danielle, this time for maintenance only. That’s bathing and minor clipping where needed. She also checks and clean Kerby’s ears; the latter is needed lately as he has some ear mites. We also treat the ears with an otic solution provided by his vet. Three weeks from now they will return for a full grooming.

We had planned to go shopping at The Home Depot this afternoon; Pete Petersen had asked to go along since he had some items to buy as well. We had dropped the boys off at 11:00 and expected they would be at Danielle’s until 2:00 or later, but as we were in front of Pete’s picking him up around 1:00 I got a call that they were ready! So we headed first to Danielle’s, picked up the boys, and then went to The Home Depot.

The boys enjoy shopping at places like The Home Depot. They get to ride in the shopping cart; that way they are not tempted to pee on a display. They get lots of attention – after all, they are a couple of cute dogs in a shopping cart, which is an unexpected sight for many people. Some just smile when they see the boys, others want to pet them or at least speak to them. Young kids are especially attracted to them and we offer to their parents to let them pet our boys. I can’t remember ever having someone seemingly against seeing them in our cart.

I shopped for some hardware for doing our Halloween decorations, Pete bought some materials for the shed he is building at his place, and Elaine bought some annual flower plants. The plants will go in our front planter boxes to replace some that have not survived. From what I saw at a glance, those she bought are annuals that will only survive until hot weather comes back again next June.

Supper tonight was a repeat of last night’s meal at Applebee’s. We each had a reheated version of what we ordered last night, and it was good.

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