More shopping LOL

Last week Elaine had placed an order with Bed, Bath & Beyond for an item to be delivered but realized when she got home she did not have a receipt for it and she did not get email confirmation. I checked our credit card account and saw the charges had been made so the transaction had happened. So today she wanted to go back to the store to be sure the details had been handled correctly. We stopped to chat with Pete Petersen and Bobby Fierro on our way out and asked Pete if he wanted to come. He said yes, if we were also going to Trader Joe’s, which is nearby. Sure, we told him.

So off we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, where Elaine got her order straightened out. And then on to Trader Joe’s. We had gone to Trader Joe’s last week so did not need much from that store. I bought a couple of jars of Corn Chili and a bag of Longboard tortilla chips and Elaine bought a box of Pumpkin muffin or bread baking mix. $10.66.

On our way back Elaine mentioned stopping at Fry’s so she could get some rice krispies to make treats. Then she mentioned preferring to buy the larger packages at WinCo and that caught Pete’s attention. So they dropped me off at home and headed to WinCo. Elaine ended up buying quite a few more items while there.

We had an alarm this afternoon when a fire truck pulled up in the street near our house. I quickly saw that they were going to our next door neighbor’s – the Nagle’s. Several other neighbors came out and we chatted in the street for a bit waiting to learn more about what happened. An ambulance finally came and shortly after I saw Ed wheeled out on a gurney. He had his head up and was talking with the medics, so it didn’t seem critical. As they pulled out I got a chance to speak with Sandy Nagle and she said Ed had had some chest pains so this was a precaution. He had just had a stress test recently and done well. Let’s hope it’s nothing bad!

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