Looks Halloween-y. Surgery followup. Dinner planning. George Immerso birthday. Update on neighbor.

Pete and spider
Pete Petersen working on setting up our Halloween spider

We took more steps in getting our house decorated for Halloween today. This morning Pete Petersen came over and started helping Elaine put up some decorations – the ones requiring use of a ladder – while I was at a doctor appointment. They got quite a bit done by the time I got back, but there is still a lot to go, I am sure!

spider on web
Here’s the spider on its web in front of our house

Once I was there we could go on to putting up the huge spider on the front of our house. In past years we hung it on the awning to the left of the flagĀ  but this year I had another idea. I bought two truck cargo nets and some hardware and Pete installed three screw eyes high on the house end wall to which we could attach the cargo net tie downs. The other ends of those cords then attached to the posts along the sidewalk – a perfect fit. I added a couple of bungee cords on the sides to stretch out the horizontal cords and it was ready. For now we just put the spider on the “web” with its legs poking through, but I will see if I can fix it so the spider’s legs are on the top of the “web”. I also have to add some batteries so the spider eye lights will work.

That doctor appointment was with Dr Christopher Johnson, the surgeon I saw last week about the incision problem. He noted that the incision is now healing well, once we got the infection knocked back with antibiotics. He said I should do not lifting for another month and should not go in the pool for at least another two weeks.

We attended a planning meeting this afternoon for the upcoming Royal Palm Halloween Dinner. Melody Murphy is heading up the team for these events now and she called the meeting of those who wished to volunteer to help. Sixteen people showed up. We worked out the menu and assignments for food preparation and other duties. The Social Club purchases the food and volunteers cook various parts of the dinner and bring it to the Clubhouse for the meal. A lot was accomplished in the 45-minute meeting!

George and cake
George Immerso blowing out the candle on his birthday cake

It being George Immerso’s birthday today, cake and ice cream was brought in to surprise him and celebrate. George is our Social Club President.

I got a chance to talk with Sandy Nagle, our next door neighbor, and learned that her husband Ed will remain in the hospital for now. He still has chest pains and they will have to do open heart surgery. Schedule not yet known.

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