Flyers and tickets.

One page of ten tickets for the Halloween Dinner

My projects for today included printing the tickets for the upcoming Halloween Dinner here in Royal Palm. I did it the easy way – I bought perforated Avery ticket stock (Avery # 16154) and used the Avery online design tool to customize the tickets. It was fairly easy to do. I had to employ some trial-and-error, especially with the ticket numbering function, but finally got it all the way I wanted. The ticket stock is perforated for ten tickets per page and each ticket has two parts – a ticket and a stub. I printed eight pages – 80 tickets – and they will go on sale starting tonight at Bingo.

Halloween poster
The poster I created for the Halloween Dinner

I have done tickets before but did not use the perforated ticket stock so each ticket had to be cut out by hand. Never again! Avery has stock for several different ticket styles.

I also created a poster for the Halloween Dinner event that will go on the bulletin boards around the Park. I use Microsoft Publisher for these items since it is so easy to lay out text and graphics and to add borders and backgrounds.

I’ve done posters for several events here in Royal Palm; they are easy to do and come together quickly so I don’t mind doing them.

flu shot poster
Poster for the flu shot clinic coming next week here in Royal Palm

I also did a poster for an upcoming flu shot clinic sponsored by Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and W Dunlap.

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