Rescuing dying plants. More shopping.

new plants
Elaine put some new plants in the gap left when some of the previous died.

Last weekend Elaine bought some plants to put in the planters in front to replace some that had died. I had planned to have Andy do the planting but he would not be able to do it until the end of next week so tonight Elaine dug in (so to speak) and did the planting herself. As it was, one small flat of plants did not survive the wait. But now our planter boxes look more full again, with the holes filled. Great job, Elaine!

It was another day of shopping. This morning I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription and get a couple of other items. Then I did some online shopping at for some office supplies. I really like being able to fill a shopping cart online and then pick up the items at the store about an hour later. In this case, I will do the pick up tomorrow.

This afternoon we headed first to Fry’s to do some grocery shopping and fuel up the Equinox, then on to Dr Brandon Young’s office to pick up some eye ointment for Gizmo. He is our vet. From there we headed to the Hobby Lobby near Bell Rd and 8th St so Elaine could do some craft shopping. I waited in the car while she did that as I usually do. By the time we got home it was too late for swimming, so Elaine spent some time in her craft room.

I designed and printed out a flyer for the upcoming Women On The Go event next week. The organizers will hand this out as they contact the women to get them to sign up to go on that lunch event at Red Robin.

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