Busy day. Neighbor update.

Interior at Kiss The Cook
The interior at Kiss The Cook is kitschy-cute

“Every meal served with a kiss!” That’s the motto at Kiss The Cook (KTC), a favorite restaurant on W Glendale Ave in Glendale and where we went for breakfast this morning. The kiss, of course, is a Hershey’s Kiss placed on your bill at the end of the meal. The decor at KTC is eclectic, with mostly kitschy antiques and household items. We ate inside, but they also have outside seating. On Saturdays you should plan to get there by 7:45 AM at the latest, for it gets quite busy after 8:00!

KTC breakfasts
Our Kiss The Cook breakfasts. My omelet in front and Elaine’s oatmeal at the rear.

Elaine had a great bowl of oatmeal, with raisins, nuts, brown sugar, and cream. I had a Honeybaked Ham and Cheese Omelet with home fries. I ordered a side of sausage for me (1) and for the boys (2). KTC always serves a basket of small muffins with the meal. There is an assortment of corn meal, spice, and pumpernickel and they are always delicious. They are at the upper left in the photo.

We headed back home but after a while we headed out to Staples. I had to pick up an order I had placed yesterday online that consisted of paper, cardstock, and printer cartridges that I use for Royal Palm work such as newsletters, posters, flyers, tickets, and so on. Elaine also bought some special size envelopes to fit some over sized cards she sometimes makes.

gang at Wineburger
The gang at Wineburger for lunch. Dave, Elaine, Mary McDougale, Gail Brazell, Suzanne Fitchett, Marv Fitchett

We got back home but then left shortly after to go to lunch. We had been invited to join some friends at Wineburger, a restaurant on 7th Ave in the Melrose District here in Phoenix. We had never been to Wineburger, though they used to be located on 19th Ave just south of Royal Palm a ways. The others: Gail Brazell, Mary McDougale, and Suzanne and Marv Fitchett were familiar with the restaurant at their previous location but this was their first time here.

The Original Wineburger – Elaine’s lunch
fish and chips
My Fish and Chips lunch at Wineburger

The restaurant name comes from their signature burger, which is grilled with some wine poured over it while cooking. Elaine had that Original Wineburger and said it tasted great (it just wasn’t cooked enough for her). I had Fish and Chips (batter-fried cod) and it was also good. We brought half of it home and had the rest for supper.

Melrose Vintage
The Melrose Vintage store front

Since we were in the Melrose District Elaine wanted to go to one of her favorite craft stores – Melrose Vintage – so we headed for there. We were saddened to see a for sale sign outside; she was able to find some things she could use but said the stock inside was greatly reduced.

We got back home in time for Elaine to head to the pool. I had planned to stop at the Chase Bank branch near Staples this morning but forgot to do so. Then I forgot again to stop at the Chase Bank branch on 19th Ave south of Northern on our way back from Melrose. So when Elaine headed to the pool I headed to Chase and got the banking business done. I just needed to replenish our cash supply from the ATM.

I finished the afternoon resting in my recliner reading until it was time to take the boys out for a walk around 4:00. Actually, Gizmo woke me from a nap telling me it was time to go out!

As I said, a busy day!

We got to speak with Sandy Nagle, our next door neighbor, this morning to get an update on her husband, Ed, who was taken to the hospital last week. His chest pains turned out to be a heart attack and she said a blood vessel on one side was 75% blocked and one on the other side of his heart was 100% blocked! As I mentioned a few days ago, this was a surprise to them because he had a stress test just recently and they had not found a problem. The reason? Because there was a blockage on both sides the 25% difference was not great so it did not show up as a problem! He is scheduled for surgery on Monday or Tuesday, but she says the prospects are not good. The doctors are quoting an 8% to 12% chance of success. In fact, they wanted to send him home but they got a Patient Advocate to help convince the hospital and all that Ed wanted the surgery. Without surgery the chances are 0%. We ask for prayers for Ed and Sandy.


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