Home tasks.

reworked table
I moved the light to the rear corner to leave more room for my tablet and to avoid knocking my drinks off the table.

Mostly I did some house tasks today, catching up on a few things that have needed to be done for a while. I have been annoyed because I keep knocking my drink off the table beside my recliner – usually when I set my tablet down on the table. The post for the light was in the center at one end and to avoid it when setting my tablet down I often hit my drink at the other end. So today I drilled another hole in the table top and now have the lamp mounted at the back corner instead of the middle, giving me more room for the tablet. In the photo you can see where the old hole is and how it would interfere with the tablet. I need to get or make a plug to fill the old hole.

Also in the photo you can see the white plug strip mounted under the back edge of the table. I had tried to do this before using angle brackets to support the strip and Velcro strips to hold it against the table. But the Velcro strips did not hold the plug strip, so it ended up on the floor again. Today I added another bracket in each end, bolted to the brackets attached to the table legs to form a square U shape. You can see the brass-colored brackets at each end in the photo. After a minor adjustment to the hole size to make the U a little wider the plug strip fit nicely and the problem is solved. Aside from convenience, this also gets the plug strip and cord tangle up off the floor making it easier to sweep and clean the floor.

Another feature you can see in the photo is the binder clips attached to the table edge near where the light pole is attached; these allow the charging cables for my phone and tablet to be held up and convenient to reach.

My next task could not be finished, however, without purchasing some added hardware. We have some floating shelves and one in the living room was dipping at the front, causing the shelf to slightly tip. This is because the fasteners Marv used to attach the shelf to the wall did not hold firmly to the wall. I bought some expansion anchors to replace the top ones but those anchors did not stay in place as they are supposed while tightening the bolt to expand the anchor behind the wall. The anchor part keeps rotating. So I will have to get some toggle bolts to use instead.


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