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making signs
Chris Nugent making a Women’s Club sign and Elaine making a Flu Shot Clinic sign

It was crafts day at the Clubhouse, but only Elaine and Chris Nugent were there. Both were working on sign projects, and the large tables in the Clubhouse make it easier to do such work. Chris, President of the Women’s Club, was making signs that go out each month to remind women of the upcoming meeting. Elaine was making signs to advertise the Flu Shot Clinic coming up this Friday. These signs get set out on sandwich boards placed for good visibility within the Park.

I spent a little time helping the folks setting up the new ACEC Wyoming web site make the transfer from my system. The original web site for this organization was developed in 1996 and was one of the first web systems I did. Unlike others of that day (and since) my web systems had membership info maintenance capabilities which allowed the web site to provide search capabilities to the public. In this case, people could go to the web site to search for engineering or surveying consulting firms by name, location, and specialties. I was doing stuff like this long before it became a regular feature at other sites and many professional organization sites still do not have such capabilities. But at the start of the year I let them know that I wanted to get out of the business so they have been working to determine how they wanted to proceed. Those decisions have been made and soon my 21-year web association with this organization will be over. It is sad for me, but a necessary step.

Much of the rest of my day was spent working on the Royal Palm newsletter. I have been vacillating about what to write in the Senior Resources monthly piece but finally had to make a decision in order to move forward. So much of that time was spent doing background research on the topic I finally selected.

We heard last night that our neighbor Ed Nagle came through the open heart surgery fine. That was such good news after he had been given an 8-12% chance of surviving surgery! What some of us can’t figure out is why the hospital and doctors wanted to send him home, where he would have a 0% chance of survival. Guess we don’t have all the necessary info.

It is still hot here in Phoenix. 99° yesterday, 97° today. While not records, these temps are 8-10° above normal. Humidity stays low, of course. And we are now about 55 days or so since the last measurable rainfall; dry as usual.

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