Rain this morning. Social Club Board meeting. Women On The Go. Bingo.

I call that a one-inch Arizona rainfall – the drops are one inch apart

We were pleased to hear some raindrops on our awning roof this morning. It was about 7:30 or so and I had the front door open to get the morning air, so we could hear the rain quite clearly. As I mentioned a couple of days ago it’s been over 55 days now since the last measurable rainfall, so this was a big event! Don’t know when we’ll get rain again, though.

It was a busy day for Elaine today. Aside from Gizmo waking her an hour earlier than normal, she had a Social Club Board meeting this morning followed by a Women On The Go lunch outing followed this evening by Bingo. She got in a nap following lunch instead of going swimming.

I also attended the Board meeting as I usually do; in my role as editor of the newsletter I think it important to stay in touch with what is happening and what is being considered. While I cannot be involved in Board actions I can at least listen and be prepared in case I need to research an item for an upcoming newsletter.

Women on the Go
Some of the women at Red Robin this noon

Women On The Go is an informal group of women from here in Royal Palm that go out to lunch every other month. Today twenty three of them went to the new Red Robin restaurant over in MetroCenter. She said they had a great time and she enjoyed her burger. She is way down the table on the right in the photo.

This evening she is off to Bingo, taking her usual Rice Krispies squares treat.

This morning I worked some on the newsletter and after lunch I met with our Park managers – Lisa and Jeff – to go over items for the newsletter. We had a great conversation that ranged far beyond just the newsletter items. They are great to work with.

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