Fast Eddie’s Breakfast. Social Club meeting.

Fast Eddie's decor
The decor at Fast Eddie’s is always fun to view

Saturday morning breakfast out was at Fast Eddie’s Diner at 33rd Ave and W Bell this morning. We go there on occasion and always enjoy the atmosphere and the food. It is a fun place with lots of character; the photo shows examples of signs and photos seen on their walls – always humorous. Elaine discovered a part of the menu we had not seen before – half size meals! That suited us just fine, and she ordered the half size French toast with bacon and egg and I ordered the half waffle with bacon and scrambled eggs plus a couple of sausage links to have some to take home to the boys. Both meals came with cheesy hash browns, but we didn’t have much of those.

Later this morning we went to the Royal Palm Social Club monthly meeting. The officers’ table looked empty, as both President George Immerso and Treasurer Jo Elmore were out of town, but Vice President Dale Stroh and Secretary Elaine Violette handled the meeting well!

We had cooler weather today – at 85° it was 2° BELOW normal! But that won’t last, for a high pressure zone will be over the state next week and we’ll be seeing temperatures in the high 90s again.

I spent much of the day working on the newsletter and am getting it closer to being done. Just two more features left to complete. Once the monthly meeting was done I could finish the Social Club News feature as well as several parts of others.

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