Bug in the pool. Warmer day. Newsletter.

bug on pool steps
Elaine placing the large plastic roach-like bug on the pool steps

Among the decorations Elaine bought for Halloween were three large plastic roach-like bugs. Then in her perverse humor she decided to play a trick on Bill Russell at the pool today, so she took one of the bugs and placed it on the pool steps near where the handrail leads down. Her intent was to get a rise from Bill Russell when he came to the pool, but she also got a response from some others. Bill started down the steps but immediately saw the bug and exclaimed “What’s that?!?” Pete Petersen, who was in on the gag by that time, walked over in the pool to take a closer look then reached down and said it was moving as he put his hand close.

plastic bug
A closer look at the plastic bug

By this time Bill had figured out it was a fake and, shaking his head, went into the pool. Another fellow came to the pool and hesitated as he went to get in. Later Lisa Boyd came to the pool and also hesitated at the top of the steps until she figured out it was a fake. So Elaine’s joke went over well.

While our overnight low was 59° this morning it warmed up and we were back to 92° again. And it will warm up more as this week goes on. It really is delightful weather, very comfortable to be out, nice and sunny, low humidity. I love fall weather in Phoenix!

Elaine wanted our Halloween wreath moved to a location on the front outside wall of the house so it would be less hidden by the huge spider so Pete came over this morning and helped her do that since Elaine didn’t want me up on the ladder. While she was out there she also rearranged the legs of the huge spider so the spider body is raised up from the web beneath, looking more natural. She did this by fastening the feet to the web below with wire ties.

I did a lot of work on the newsletter today and have it almost done. I just have to complete the Spotlight interview and write the Tech Tips section. I have struggled with the latter trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and think I have a handle on it now. I rearranged some of the pages to help make the newsletter more readable. For example the Royal Palm Social Club News has been running more than one page so now I have them on facing pages instead of front and back pages. I did the same with the Royal Palm Spotlight feature, since it also often runs more than one page. I have several features that run only part of a page and I can move those around as needed to fill in with those larger ones. I also use extra photos to fill those smaller spaces.

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