The Beaver Bar for supper. Back to swimming. 99°.

group at The Beaver Bar
Our group: Bill Russell, Kay, Agnes Volk, Pete Petersen, Elaine, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd, Jeff Tennyson, Larry

We have heard from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell how good the food is at The Beaver Bar & Grill is so tonight a group of us headed there; it’s on N 19th Ave. In addition to Pete, Elaine, and me there was Agnes Volk, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd and Jeff Tennyson, Bill Russell and his sister, Kay and her husband Larry. It was a fun gang to go with. The place is what it sounds like – a bar and grill. Lots of sports TVs, loud music, pool tables, and a bar. Their Tuesday special is 99¢ tacos and $4.95 margaritas.

fried cod
I had fried cod with cole slaw and fries. The Black Beaver margarita was served in the copper mug behind the plate.

Elaine had a quesadilla and I had fried cod. Both were OK, but not great. Most others had tacos; their only flavor was ground beef. Elaine had a house margarita and I had The Black Beaver (Hornitas Black Barrel Tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer). My drink was different and was good.

Their onion rings and deep fried mushrooms were good and I heard their tater tots were as well.

I think we’ll go back another time to try something different.

I went to Dr Kristopher Johnson this morning for a checkup on my hernia surgery wound healing and got cleared to go back to swimming again. It is healed. So, of course, I went swimming this afternoon. I was only able to swim for about fifteen minutes, having not swum for about six weeks. But I will soon work back up to my half hour routine again.

After coming back from the doctor’s office I did some trips to advertisers to pick up payments for ads, and I also did some more work on the newsletter. I finished the Spotlight feature and dropped it off to be reviewed.

Elaine says she really likes her new Evolution Advanced die cut machine. It is very easy to use and works much better than any she has had in the past; she’s had at least three other types.

It got to 99° today – a record, I believe.

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