Great pool weather. Newsletter to reviewers. Ed Nagle home.

at the pool
Dave and Elaine at the pool today

Our great fall weather continues. It was warm today at 94°, but that was not a record for the date. With little wind and almost cloudless skies, the days are just great to be outside. The sun angle is lower, and the rays seem less intense. As an example of the difference, when I go to the pool I can leave my sandals face up when I head into the water; during the heat of the summer I have to turn them on their sides facing away from the sun’s direction to avoid them getting so hot they hurt my feet when I put them on upon leaving the pool.

Newsletter work continued to dominate my time and efforts today. I started by making final edits on the Spotlight feature; this ran longer than I had planned – it’s two full pages now – so I also had to rearrange some other content to make room. Yesterday one of the advertisers dropped their half page ad for this month so that meant coming up with content for that space since there was no time to get another ad. I printed it out and did my review, did some more edits, then printed it for Elaine’s review. She only had two minor catches so I printed out two black and white copies for the other two reviewers. One came back later with no changes, the other will be back tomorrow morning.

Our neighbor Ed Nagle, who recently had open heart surgery, came back home late yesterday and we talked with him today as he was out walking in the neighborhood. He was supposed to have come home on Monday, but fluid under his lungs cause breathing problems so they had to get that cleared up. It was good to see him home again!

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