Shed addition. Newsletter printed. Leftovers. Internet down.

addition framing
Part of the shed addition framing is in place.

Marv worked some more on our shed addition today and now has two walls up as well as the roof structure. I expect he will continue with it now that he has gotten back to it. He sometimes has to juggle projects, as he has a number of them going at any time. That’s the way it is in the life of a contractor handyman! He has to have several jobs on tap or in the works to keep the revenues flowing.

The final newsletter review came in this morning and I did the final edits and took it to UPS for printing. I picked it up later this afternoon, so now it is ready for inserts and folding and delivery tomorrow morning.

Tonight was leftover night again. This time it was leftovers from our Tuesday visit to The Beaver Bar. Elaine heated up my leftover fish and her leftover chicken quesadilla for me; I also had the leftover cole slaw. Well, two out of three isn’t bad, I guess – the latter two. Cole slaw was good, quesadilla was good, but the fish was overcooked to start with and was even more so tonight. I sure didn’t starve, though, even though I did not finish the fish.

I was surprised today when suddenly I was having trouble with web sites. First they would work, then they wouldn’t. After a half hour or more I decided to try resetting our router, but that did not solve the problem. I then assumed the our server provider – Jabba – was having trouble so I quit trying to solve it. About 15-20 minutes later everything was back up again. We’ve had good service with Jabba here in Royal Palm. I have only been aware of two outages since the start of the year and they have come back in an hour or so.

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