Newsletter panic. Golf cart decorating.

Nov 17 newsletter cover
Cover of the November 2017 The Palm Press. Click to download the newsletter

Our great volunteer crew gathered at the Clubhouse at 9:30 this morning to fold and stuff the newsletters. This month’s issue is 24 pages, and four of those are inserts. There is a back-to-back color insert and a back-to-back black-and-white insert. The inserts are necessary because the newsletter is printed in four-page folios; the outside front and back inside and outside pages are in color and the other pages are in black-and-white. If the other four pages were all black-and-white they could have been printed and bound with the rest, but since two pages are color ads they have to be separate.

As the delivery crews went out to distribute the newsletters, two found their count was over; one had ten too many, the other had seven. That was due to my miscalculation and estimating. But the other crew was 21 short. Not only that, but during assembly we discovered we were short a number of one of the inserts.

So I went back to UPS and had them print more newsletters and more inserts, and I assembled those while Elaine went to The Home Depot to do some Halloween shopping and Elaine and I delivered those that were short when she returned.

at work on decorations
Elaine and Pete at work on Halloween decorations

With the Halloween parade coming up tomorrow morning it was time to decorate our golf cart late today. Elaine had been gathering items for that project and got even more this afternoon. About 4:30 she and I went out and started the project and then around 5:45 Pete Petersen came by to help finish the job. There was just too much standing for me to be able to help. The photo here shows only the part we got done earlier – much more has been added since and I will have photos of that tomorrow. As usual, she did a great job in selecting decorations and coming up with design ideas. It will be great fun.

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