Christmas dinner planning. Costco. Shed addition.

Marv and shed addition
Marv working on the shed addition

Marv Fitchett was back at work on our shed addition today, and is making good progress. The roof panels are in place as is some of the siding, and he added two of the three doors today. At this point you can get an idea of what the space will look like, and I think it will provide a good amount of added room for storage.

shed interior
This gives an idea of the shed addition’s interior.

Yesterday afternoon we removed all the Halloween decorations from the golf cart and they are temporarily stored on the patio table. I guess I will have to get some more plastic tubs in which to put all that stuff; it will go in the shed addition when that is done but it needs to be put away in the meantime.

Last week was very busy for us both and we put off a trip to Costco day after day. The main thing we needed was our daily prunes; we like to buy the larger bags available at Costco instead of the smaller tubs we can get at Fry’s and elsewhere. We did buy a tub earlier in the week but that ran out before week’s end. Now our supply is replenished for a couple of weeks or so. Pete Petersen took advantage of our going and came with us to do his own shopping.

We attended a meeting at the Card Room this morning to plan for the upcoming annual Christmas dinner here at Royal Palm. Melody Murphy ran the meeting as the organizer and had invited anyone wiling to volunteer to come as well.

The Christmas Dinner is a big event – so large in attendance that we have to hold it on two separate days in order to fit everyone in. That the dinner is free and is paid for by the Social Club may help increase attendance; last year about 170 attended.

At the meeting today the menu for the meal was established and volunteers were assigned cooking or other preparation duties. We have turkey and ham at the meal and the turkeys and hams are cooked the days of the dinner by volunteers in their homes. There are many other activities needed and those were assigned to volunteers as well. There were about a dozen of us there, though more will be added for work such as setup, serving, and cleanup later. Though this might seem early since the dinners themselves will not be until December 12th and 13th, Melody has to be out of town for a couple of weeks right away and did not want to wait until she returned.

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