Back to Beaver Bar. Tubbier.

group at Beaver Bar
The group at The Beaver Bar tonight

It being Tuesday, we headed back to The Beaver Bar and Grill for Taco Tuesday with a group of friends. We were apprehensive about potential crowding since it was Halloween, but there was no need to worry. It was no more crowded than it was last week. There were fourteen of us there tonight: Jeff Tennyson and Lisa Boyd, Bill and Nancy Schuling, Pete Petersen, Gail Brazell, Mitzi Wrona, Agnes Volk, Donna Volk, Kay and Larry Hale, Bill Russell, and Elaine and me. Elaine and I both had tacos and brought some home; we also ordered some appetizers but our tables were overloaded with appetizers since so many others ordered them as well so we also brought home appetizers.

We headed to Walmart this morning so I could buy some plastic tubs for storing Halloween decorations. Elaine added a number of items this year and there was not room in our existing tubs to store them. These tubs will be stored in the new shed addition now under construction, so I can go with a larger size tub. Previously I had been buying the Sterilite 58-quart plastic tubs with covers at Walmart because that size fit well in the basement compartments of our Phaeton motorhome and later fit well in the roll-out storage trays under the deck at the house. But the shed addition provides a space just under 35 inches deep, so I can go with larger tubs. This time I bought 90-quart tubs, which are about 30 inches long so they will fit in the space without waste. The 58-quart tubs are just under 23 inches long so they will fit well also. Once we had the tubs, we started putting away the Halloween stuff from the golf cart. We still have the decorations on the house to take down and put away, but we have storage for those from the past.

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