Elaine better. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Purple lights, red lights.

As proof that Elaine is feeling better, we went shopping this morning at Trader Joe’s and Costco and this afternoon at Winco! Each of those stores has things that we buy there rather than other places, including our regular grocery shopping store – Fry’s. Pete Petersen went with us to take advantage of the transportation and to share in the shopping. Elaine made it through the morning quite well, but took a short nap after lunch. And then she handled the afternoon shopping as well. That was good news! Continue reading Elaine better. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Purple lights, red lights.

Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

newsletter cover
Click on the cover image to download the newsletter.

Our volunteer crew met this morning at 9:30 and got the newsletter inserts done and the newsletters prepared for delivery in about a half hour. While usually several people do the distribution, today, Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale offered to distribute them all! Elaine and Mary usually do Streets A through E, but since we were heading to Elaine’s doctor appointment later we would not have time to do it this morning. Many thanks to Dale, Betty, and Mary! With winter coming on the RV section is filling up and the newsletter print run has grown. I had 365 printed this time, but should have had 380. Not sure where I miscounted, but at least we had enough to give to all. I also posted the newsletter to the RoyalPalmSocialClub.com web site so the electronic version is available there. You can also click the cover image here to get the newsletter. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

ruellia blossom
The ruellia plant I had almost given up on produced a blossom today

I really like the Ruellia plant (Ruellia brittoniana, Mexican Petunia) because of its purple blossoms and because it is hardy and a perennial here in Phoenix. We first saw them in a neighbor’s (Chino Barrios) yard and he gave us some cuttings to plant. We started with two plants in our front yard and when one of them started growing too wild I cut it back. I put the cuttings in a water-filled vase inside and it continued to blossom for several weeks and still looked healthy when it stopped. Elaine transplanted those cuttings into the yard later.  Continue reading Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

Christmas dinner planning. Newsletter almost done.

Melody Murphy called one last meeting for planning for the Social Club’s Annual Christmas Dinner. This is the largest event for the Social Club. The dinner has so many attendees that it has to be split into two nights; we can only sit about 90 people at a time in the Clubhouse and we expect 70-80 each night.  While most of the planning had already been done; Melody has already bought the turkeys and hams, for example, and they are stored in our small upright freezer. It takes a lot of people to put this on, with some cooking, some setting up the hall, some serving the dinner, and some cleaning up the hall. Two nights. Elaine is, of course, heavily involved and I am less so. Continue reading Christmas dinner planning. Newsletter almost done.

Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Christmas decorations
Our Christmas decorations in their current status. There’s more to do.

Being rested a little, I decided that today was a good time to continue with the Christmas decorations. I added the two small spiral lighted trees out front, hung a wreath on the wall in the deck, and set up the Christmas tree on the deck. Plus I got all those connected to electricity. Elaine and the boys joined me on the deck and watched as I was working, and Elaine helped with the large tree and the deck wreath. I also did some work to set up the tall skinny vinyl tree we’ve used for several years. i have been lighting this one from inside with a string of small violet lights and I made a modification to better attach the light string at the top. I’ll install that tree tomorrow. Continue reading Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Casey, Gizmo, Kerby, Shauna
Casey checking in at his plant while Gizmo and Kerby pal with Shauna.

We said goodbye to Casey and Shauna this morning. They came by around 7 or so, all packed up and ready to head back to Rock Springs WY. They fly into Salt Lake City and will do some shopping there before driving back home to Rock Springs. We’ve had a great visit with them, but we all need to head back to our regular lives again. I think not only Elaine and I but the boys as well will miss them. Notice in the photo that Kerby is up on the couch and Shauna’s lap; that is very rare. He does not get on lap or couch very often so it amazes us when it happens. As usual, he did not stay long. Continue reading Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

violet icicle lights
Our violet icicle lights are in place

For many people the passing of Thanksgiving is the signal to put up Christmas decorations. While we don’t necessarily hold to that schedule, I took advantage of Casey being here to help put up the violet icicle lights around the edge of our roof and awning. This has been a chore in years past, because there are a lot of support points where the light strings have to be attached. Pete and I had installed a series of hooks last year to which the light strings are attached, but we used a stepladder to reach those hooks. I have these lights set to come on at dusk and off at dawn. Continue reading Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving dinner set out on the patio.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed a great turkey feast with Shauna and Casey and Pete Petersen. Later on Bill and Nancy Schuling stopped by and later on Bill Russell came by.  Those three did not come for dinner, though. The turkey went in the oven around 9:30; Shauna had prepared it to soak in brine overnight and it went in a roasting bag this morning and into a roasting pan. The turkey came out deliciously tender and moist. Shauna and Casey came over about 10:00 and she continued with dinner preparations. Continue reading Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Casey and Elaine
Casey and Elaine visiting on our deck

Casey and Shauna came over about 11:00 this morning and we got to visit for a while before Elaine and Shauna headed off for their mani/pedi appointments. That gave Casey and I a good chance to visit. Casey works at Tata Chemicals near Green River WY, a soda ash production plant. I worked as an engineer consultant at that plant for a couple of years some time ago, so I know much of the plant well and somewhat of its operation. So I can relate directly to a lot of what Casey does and where he works. He has lately worked as a Surface Shift Superintendent, and he described a lot of what his job entails. Continue reading A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Shauna and Casey. Newsletter. Elaine improving.

Casey, Shauna, Gizmo
Casey and Shauna giving Gizmo his expected due.

Shauna and Casey Dockter, daughter and son-in-law, came down from Rock Springs WY for a Thanksgiving visit – arriving this afternoon. We get to spend a few days with them. They are staying at the Sheraton Crescent hotel just down the road on W Dunlap Ave. They got to our place around 4:30 and after a short visit here at the house we all got in our Equinox and headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper. Shauna had been there with us on an earlier visit but this was Casey’s first visit to us in Phoenix since we moved into Royal Palm. Continue reading Shauna and Casey. Newsletter. Elaine improving.