Shed addition. Women’s Club. A visit to Chase Bank. Shopping at JoAnn’s, Hi-Health, and Fry’s.

shed addition
The addition to the rear of our shed has been finished

Marv finished his work on our shed addition today. It is now painted to match our existing shed and our house, and fits in quite well. Now it is my turn; I have to add the storage shelving inside as well as the padlocks for the doors. I am looking forward to getting those tasks done so we can start sorting out the plastic tubs now stored in the middle of the shed itself. That is mostly stuff from our motorhome, and we need to go through it to determine what to keep and what to get rid of. Royal Palm Social Club will hold a community yard sale on November 11th, and we want to have stuff ready to sell then.

Elaine went to the Women’s Club meeting this morning at the Clubhouse. While she was gone Pete Petersen and I took down all the Halloween decorations on the house and put some back in storage. There are still some items that we need to put in the storage tubs and then put them in the shed addition once I have the shelves in place.

This afternoon we headed over to north Scottsdale for a visit at the Chase Bank branch at Pinnacle Peak Rd and Pima Rd. This was a Bank One branch when we first moved to the area; we lived just a few blocks away from there. Later we moved away and J P Morgan Chase bought out Bank One. Though we have mostly done business at Chase branches in other parts of the Valley near where we were living at various times, we have officially remained clients of the Pinnacle Peak branch. Our investment advisor is there, for example. Over the years we have changed to doing almost all of our banking business electronically, so we have little need to ever go to any branch. Today we had to renew some papers associated with our investments so had to make the half-hour drive over to the Pinnacle Peak branch, to spend less than ten minutes signing the papers.

Since we were in that north Scottsdale area Elaine said she wanted to stop at the JoAnn’s store in Desert Ridge on our way back, so stop there we did. She went inside to do her shopping and I waited for her in the car. I took advantage of the time to do some work using my smartphone and to catch up with email.

Our next stop was at Hi-Health store at 7th St and E Bell Rd. I wanted to restock my Chelated Iron and Blackstrap Molasses supplement, but they were all out. I had already checked at their web site and did not find any there, either. The manager checked in their system and found there was none at any Hi-Health store in Arizona. I think it is available at Amazon, so I will go there next.

Our final stop was at the Fry’s at E Hatcher and Cave Creek Rd, to do some grocery shopping. That is our usual place to shop; it is reasonably close to home and is small enough in size to be easy to get around in. We don’t like the huge Fry’s Marketplace stores.

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