Office cleanup. Newsletter ad work. Kentners back. Shed addition.

As usual, after the newsletter goes out I have to do a major desk cleanup and that was my morning task. Stuff I am using for the newsletter accumulates and I am so busy that other items get set aside and not handled right away. But with a few hours’ work I can get things filed, pitched, and organized as appropriate – ready for the onslaught of the next issue.

I had received a number of payments for newsletter advertising that I had not yet processed, and they were among the “mess” on my desk. So I wrote receipts for cash payments for which the advertiser had not wanted a receipt. I make sure that each ad payment is accounted for and make a copy of the receipt and the cash (or check) to give to our Treasurer for her records. I make a second copy for her to initial and date and I keep these in my records.

Another task was to revise the cover letter I attach to a recent copy of the newsletter and give to prospective advertisers. I polished it a bit and made some copies, gathered a bunch of October newsletters to use for that purpose, and updated my ongoing list of advertisers and their payments. We encourage advertisers to pay for five months in advance by giving them the sixth month free, and I track all those in a spreadsheet.

I got an email this morning from Del Kentner, letting me know they are back in the RV section, and after swimming this afternoon I went over to visit with Del and Helen. They are from Nebraska and have wintered at Royal Palm most winters since we have been here (in 2010). In our first winter here – 2010-11 – they were two spaces down from us on K Street and we formed a friendship that has continued over the years. It’s always great to see them back!

I made some measurements in the shed addition to start a materials list for building the shelving. I keep vacillating about what system I want to use, but will make a decision tomorrow when I shop for the materials!

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