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shelving materials
Shelving materials for our shed addition, bought at The Home Depot today. The 2x4s and standards are on top of the seat backs, the shelf brackets on the floor.

I started the next step in our new shed addition – adding the shelving system. I decided to use the ClosetMaid 60-inch twin track standards and the shelf brackets to match. I attached 2x4s on the back wall, which was the outside wall of the original shed, and attached standards to them. On the front wall I simply attached the standards to the 2x3s Marv had used to frame the addition. I will only have deep shelving in two of the three bays and will leave the other bay available for taller items. Tomorrow I will get the shelving material and finish the job.

7-day forecast
Our 7-day weather forecast, showing slightlly over seasonal average temps (80-81) are expected.

It has been just great to be out and about this week, and the weather is forecast to bring more of the same next week. The temps you see in the graphic are close to the seasonal averages of 80-81°. Around here, temperatures in the 80s are just great; remember it was not long ago when they were in the 100s-110s! The air is mild and with little to no wind very comfortable. We’ve had some clouds the last couple of days and are forecast to have more in the next few days. Those clouds have helped to make things cooler.

We thought we were going to be the only ones in the pool this afternoon, but Dave from the RV section was there as well. We did our swimming thing and shortly after we got in the hot tub Bill Russell, his sister Kay and her husband Larry came to the pool and Pete Petersen followed close behind. Kay and Larry will be heading back to their home in Michigan soon, leaving fewer at the pool. And we expect fewer still as things cool off. By December I expect to be the only one in the pool!

I started work on the December newsletter today by copying the November Microsoft Publisher file to create the base file for December. I’ll do initial setup work over the next week or so and get serious week after next.

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