Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Agnes and cake
Agnes Volk and her birthday cake. Donna Volk in upper right

Happy Birthday, Agnes Volk! She is 93 years old and a lively, wonderful person – a real asset to Royal Palm. Her daughter-in-law, Donna Volk, organized a surprise birthday party for her and invited a lot of people from the Park – there were 23 of us at North Mountain Brewing Company for dinner tonight. We all enjoyed a great dinner and then shared a birthday cake with Agnes. I don’t know how Donna did it, visiting in Agnes’s house, but she made tons of decorations for the tables and had lots more for the walls. She and husband Glen, Agnes’s son, arranged for him to take Agnes out on some pretense and they “just happened” to end up at North Mountain where we were all gathered. It was a total surprise for Agnes!

It was Breakfast in the Park time this morning, and we had a good meal with friends.

Then Elaine and Chris Nugent headed to Mesa to attend the Mesa Rubber Stamp Show at the Mesa Convention Center. Elaine said the place was crowded and they had a good time. Elaine came home with some new ideas and things to do as well as some card ideas.

Gizmo on load
Gizmo riding on a load from The Home Depot

Gizmo and I went to The Home Depot to pick up the rest of the materials for my shed shelves. Pete Petersen went along so he could get some items as well. I had ordered my materials online for pickup at the store – a wonderful way to shop! Everything was ready at the pickup desk, loaded on a buggy. I had a few things to return, which was in the same area, and then went around the corner to the pickup desk. Gizmo likes to go in the store, so I had him in a basket cart. But then I had to switch him to ride on top of my load to take out; he was apprehensive, but handled it well. At one point as we were leaving the store one of the shelf brackets (the white things) fell off the cart and made a loud noise. This startled Gizmo and he jumped off the cart on the other side. I had to scramble to get him and lost my handle on the cart but a fellow passing by was able to stop it for me before it went into the driveway. I got it all together again, and Gizmo back on top of the load, and we made it to the car.

The plywood sheets you see in the photo above were for shelving in the shed addition, and I worked some more on that project when I got home. I now have six of the eight shelves in place; I got tired and had to quit this afternoon, but will finish the job tomorrow.

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