A good day’s work. Prepping for yard sales. Housecleaning. Pool cool.

Shelves in use
The shelves are completed in our shed addition and are being put into use.

Elaine and I put in a hard day’s work this morning and while being tired from it we are also satisfied that we accomplished a lot. I started by finishing the shelves in the shed addition, then set up our two folding tables beside the house on the patio. Then, one by one, I brought out the dozen or so plastic tubs we have been storing in the shed and we went through them. Sell, pitch, or keep were the choices. We were merciless about it and did not vacillate about any items. We wanted to be done with all that “STUFF” that was hanging around!

RV yard sale
Tables loaded with items for our upcoming RV and Camping Item yard sale

Since all those tubs came from the motorhome when we cleared it out for sale, most of the contents also pertained to RV and camping life. There is a community yard sale coming up next Saturday here in Royal Palm, but I thought I would start a day earlier by holding an RV and Camping Items yard sale the day before and only advertise it in the RV section of Royal Palm. So anything pertaining to that activity went on the tables, ready for selling. We’ve got lots of plumbing and electrical items there along with a lot of cleaning items for inside an RV or out. There’s quite a selection of light bulbs – both incandescent and LED – and a wireless TV speaker system. Theres a tub full of dishes, another with pots and pans, and an assortment of cutlery and utensils. Elaine did save out some kitchen utensils to take to the kitchen at the Clubhouse; they are always needed since someone keeps taking the ones that are there. Many of the items on the table are useful for regular houses as well. What doesn’t sell in the Friday sale will stay on the tables for the open yard sale on Saturday.

shed floor tubs gone
The pile of a dozen or so tubs is gone from our shed and we can now walk around in it

We are pleased at the amount of space we have restored to our shed! It was getting hard to walk around in there, but now the floor in front of the shelves is clear. We also have gained some shelf space inside the shed as well. I will be going through what is left and some will probably get moved into the new addition. I want to leave temperature-sensitive items in the shed but move the rest to the addition – especially things that don’t get used often.

Oh, and I started the day by finishing the packing of Halloween stuff and putting those tubs on the new shelves in the addition. I marked those tubs with plastic Dymo labels to help us remember what’s in them. There are two large Halloween items that will not fit on the shelves but they can go in the roll-out trays under the deck. At some point we will go through what is stored in those roll-out trays and put some in the shed addition. But that’s for another day!

black panther
This elegant black panther ceramic planter is now on display on the cabinet under our TV.

While I was doing the Halloween stuff and finishing the shelves, Elaine was doing a thorough cleaning inside the house. That entailed washing rugs and floors, as well as cleaning all the counters. She dusted the shelves on the tables beside our recliners. She also changed what is on display on the cabinet top under our TV mantle in the living room. There had been some ceramic figurines there for several months; these are the native family pieces that she did in her shop back in Rock Springs. But she put those away and now has out the large black panther ceramic piece that also serves as a planter. That black panther is impressive on the black cabinet and under the black mantle.

We went to the pool this afternoon but did not get more than ankle-deep. It was cold! So we went directly to the hot tub instead. After returning home and changing I got a thermometer and returned to the pool to check the temp. I didn’t stay long enough for it to stabilize, but the thermometer registered about 75° when I left. The pool is supposed to be heated to 85-86°, so something has gone wrong. I will let the office know in the morning.


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