More RV stuff out. More shed rearrangement. Pool is still cool.

I spent a couple of hours today getting RV and camping items out of the shed and into the table area where we will be having the yard sale on Friday. The new items included two folding recliner chairs and another folding chair – each in a protective sack. And from another area I got out the long-handled scrubber/squeegees, of which I had two or three. I think we now have all the RV-related items out.

At that point Elaine joined me and we boxed up even more Halloween items and put them in the shed addition. Then we removed several items from the high shelves in the shed. When I get a new printer or other electronic device I usually keep the box and packaging for a few months, in case it needs to be returned; I had a few of those to take to recycle. Some other regular shop items got put in the addition as well. I had not put shelves in one of the three bays of the addition and used that space today to store some taller items from the shed. Brooms and mops went there as did some material such as long pieces of square aluminum tubing.

With more space in the shed to move around, Elaine took advantage of the opportunity to rearrange stuff in her Rescue Pantry. It was so much easier with all the tubs gone from the floor.

This afternoon two couples from the RV section came over to check out our RV and Camping yard sale items. I had told them about it on Saturday at breakfast and then we saw one of the ladies this afternoon and I told her it was ready. They all found things they wanted, and I made a total of $30 in the deal!

The pool was still cool this afternoon. Jeff, the manager, stopped by while we were in the hot tub and said there was a problem with the pool heater and that someone was coming tomorrow to work on it. We did not go in the pool but only in the hot tub again.

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