Taco Tuesday at Beaver Bar. Craft Tuesday. Shopping. More yard sale items.

at Beaver Bar
A gang of 18 from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight

There were eighteen of us from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight! This is the third Tuesday in a row that a group of us have gone, and the group has gotten larger each week. The Beaver Bar is not normally staffed to handle such a crowd so this week someone called in advance to let Mike Beaver know about how many were coming, and they had our tables all rearranged for us when we got there. And Mike had made sure he had enough staff to handle the load. Other than our group, there were only about 6-8 people there tonight. Part of the draw is their 99ยข Taco Tuesdays.

Just to show you how thoughtful Mike and crew are, we had not hardly sat down when he came out with a purple cup and handed it to Elaine! All the other plastic cups on the tables were either pink or green. Last week she had teased him about not having purple cups, so he dug one out especially for her this week. Makes you feel wanted and special!

Today was Craft Tuesday for Elaine, and she was there for a couple of hours from 11 to 1.

After she had her lunch we picked up Pete Petersen and headed on a shopping tour.

Our first stop was Trader Joe’s, where we each stocked up on those items we can only find at that store or prefer the ones they carry.

I had earlier ordered some socks from Target online and needed to pick them up at the store on 19th Ave and Bethany Home Dr (Christown Spectrum Mall). I had previously ordered some on Amazon but got an email yesterday saying the seller could not deliver them. I tried the Walmart web site but did not find what I wanted, so on the off chance I tried Target. We rarely shop at Target. But they had the ones I wanted and they were in stock. Chalk up another online shop-store pickup success.

I dropped Elaine and Pete off at the Costco store at Christown Spectrum while I went to Target next door. I was done earlier than they were and was waiting for them in the parking lot.

We did a little more organizing in our shed today. I gathered some electrical items and some plumbing items and put each in a small tub and put them on a shelf in our new shed addition. I also gathered and moved my irrigation supplies into the addition. All these are things not needed often and not harmed by heat, so they don’t need to be in the regular shed. This opened up some more shelf space in the shed itself. I’ll be doing more of this over time.

I also found some other RV and Camping items and moved them out to the tables on the patio, ready for the upcoming yard sale.


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