Sweet Tomatoes. Hashtags. Making blog tweeter. Yard sale prep.

Once more out to dinner – this time to Sweet Tomatoes. We joined Larry and Kay Hale, Bill Russell, and Pete Petersen there; it is the Hales’ last night in Phoenix as they are headed home to Michigan tomorrow. We will miss them! We had never met Larry and Kay before, but have come to enjoy them very much in the few weeks they have been here. #SweetTomatoes was good; Elaine and I have not been there for a couple of years, though we have liked it in the past. They have a great salad bar, good bakery selections, and lots of dessert choices. Pete and Bill go there often enough that the staff at checkout know them by name!

I decided to start using hashtags in my blog stories, as you may have noticed above. This will create more exposure for my blog entries since the hashtags will be searchable on the web, in Facebook, in Twitter, and in Instagram. For those who don’t know, hashtags in Internet use are like index entries. They are those things you see that start with a # (pound sign, number sign, whatever you call it). #DaveViolette is an example and the one I will use for myself. I will use #RoyalPalmMHP and #RoyalPalmSocialClub for those entities; #RoyalPalm is already in use by others. And where applicable I will search to see if other hashtags are already in use before using them to select one that already refers to the topic or entity so my reference will follow others. I’ll see over time how far I want to go with this; if it becomes too cumbersome I’ll quit or cut back.

Many years ago I set up a personal Twitter account for myself and another Twitter account for my web work. The address for the personal account is @DaveViolette. I haven’t used either for a couple of years, but have decided to start using the personal one some.

I use a service at dlvr.it to broadcast my blog entries to Facebook and Twitter. Any time I publish a blog story dlvr.it automatically picks it up from my RSS feed and sends it to my Facebook page and my Twitter account.

items with price tags
Our yard sale items now have pink, green, or yellow price tags.

We spent much of the morning getting ready for the upcoming yard sale. I went through all the stuff on our tables and priced it, while Elaine did some cleanup of items for sale. You can see some pink, green, and yellow tags in the photo. I made it easy; a tag on a tub says everything in the tub is 25¢. Some items have an individual price label. The two tags on the wall behind say anything without a tag is 10¢. I realized later that I still have some items in the shed that I want to add to the yard sale tables and will get those out tomorrow.

George Immerso and Dale Stroh came over to pick up the banners to attach to the front fence advertising the yard sale and they got the banners up. Dale had made two large signboards and Elaine painted some signs on paper to post on those boards; they came by later to pick those up and set them out.

We made a quick trip this afternoon; I dropped Elaine off at the Tuesday Morning (#TuesdayMorning) store while I went to Pet Club (#PetClub)and to Hi-Health (#HiHealth). Gizmo’s leash has stopped retracting and we need a replacement; Pet Club did not have the small purple one we want but only had one large black one, so no luck on that account. I got the stuff I needed at Hi-Health and went back to Tuesday Morning to pick up Elaine.

Pete reported that the pool heater had been fixed and was working now, so we headed to the pool to see if it was swimmable. The temp had only gotten up to 79° so we opted to only use the hot tub instead. The pool should be ready by tomorrow.

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