More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

I spent some time this morning getting out some more items for our yard sale tables. These latest ones included the Iris home automation kit I bought but never used, a Schlage remote operation deadlock I tried but did not use, and a 36-volt battery saver unit for golf carts. I bought the latter when we still had a 36-volt golf cart but we soon after bought a 48-volt golf cart so did not need it. Those three items are being offered at great discounts from their price new. I had two customers today and brought in another $4.

I made signs for both sides of our sandwich board announcing our advance yard sale starting Friday; I set that sign out at the corner of D and F Streets, where it will be seen by any RVer going in or out of the Park, as well as other residents. The official yard sale for Royal Palm will be on Saturday, but I wanted to give those in the RV section and elsewhere in the Park an advance opportunity to get our bargains. I posted notice also in the Royal Palm Social Club (#RoyalPalmSocialClub) Facebook group, and had a customer within five minutes! The later customer had come by yesterday afternoon while we were at Sweet Tomatoes.

I also listed the Royal Palm yard sale on Craig’s List and one other yard sale site today.

I worked some on the December issue of the newsletter for Royal Palm, writing the Tech Tidbits article. I have also researched for the Senior Resources article as well. I may work on that one while I am sitting around waiting at our yard sale tomorrow and Saturday.

Gizmo has two different eye drops I put in both eyes twice a day, plus an ointment that goes in nights. One of the drops is Neo Polydex, and we have been getting it from his vet. But the vet has not been able to get drops – they are back-ordered – since July so I have been forced to use the ointment version. Problem is that the ointment is so thick it is hard to get it to drop loose from the tube and I end up wasting a lot. I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription for me today and asked the pharmacist if they could fill Gizmo’s prescription for the Neo Polydex. The answer was yes, and she showed me a bottle of the drops they have on hand. So I called the vet and asked for a prescription so I could buy it at Walgreen’s, and they will follow through. Not only is Walgreen’s closer but the price is also lower, and more importantly they can get the drops version. I asked the pharmacist about the other prescription, but she said it is a compounded prescription that is not available commercially. I’ll check on getting that one otherwise when his current bottle runs out.

Elaine was busy this morning but by noon she was not feeling well. She had a slight fever, I think. So she rested in the recliner this afternoon and even went in and rested in bed for a while. That is very strange; she seldom goes to bed during the day! She is back in the recliner this evening and did not go to Bingo.

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