$73 plus. Elaine still down.

This was the first “official” day of my yard sale; tomorrow is the official Park-wide yard sale day for the Royal Palm Social Club. Our sale consists mostly of items cleared from our motorhome before putting it on the market, so a few days ago I let word be known to some in the RV community here in Royal Palm. As a result, I had customers coming by over the last few days – even ahead of my advertised start today. I had 6-8 customers prior to today, and 8-10 today. So far I have taken in $73 and change.

Up until today I have had my tables back in the patio alongside the house, but this morning I moved the Equinox out and parked it elsewhere and moved the tables out to the front of the driveway. This way people can better see that we have a sale going on. I moved the tables to the outside of the patio in front of the golf cart for the night but will move them back onto the concrete tomorrow.

I reported yesterday that Elaine was not feeling well. She had a rough time last evening but started feeling a little better toward bedtime. Sleeping was a problem, so she spent much of the night in her recliner in the living room; in fact she was awake and reading when I got up this morning. She has spent most all day in the recliner, since getting up and moving around made her feel worse. She seems to be better this evening. We suspect that she got overtired by doing too much the last few days. She’s had a lot going on.

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