$91 plus. Elaine up and down.

We finished our yard sale a little early today – just after noon. I had 12-15 people stop by our sale and about half of them bought something. A couple were repeat customers from yesterday. All told, I finished the sale event with over $91 in proceeds, so it was a good sale. I estimate that about 2/3 of our stuff got sold. Some of the leftovers I will pitch, others I will store in a couple of tubs for the yard sale coming in March. However, there are four large-ticket items that I will advertise on Craigslist or similar. That will include the Iris Home Automation kit, the 36-volt golf cart battery saver, the Schlage deadbolt kit, and the tow bar to use with motorhomes.

It was a beautiful day today, so I spent most of the morning sitting on the deck while waiting for customers. I used my tablet to work on the Senior Resources article for the newsletter, both researching and writing on the topic. I was able to use the time well, and got the article completed.

George Immerso and Dale Stroh came by early this morning – just after 7:00 – to pick up our popcorn machine. It was in use at the yard sale food tent all day and was then taken to the Clubhouse. We have donated it to the Social Club so it can be available for use at all Social Club functions and for general use. I taught Diana Lasky how to use it this morning and will teach others as well. We now have a little more room on our patio!

Gizmo woke Elaine when George and Dale came to our patio and she stayed up from that point on. She is still quite tired, and spent part of the morning in her recliner. However around mid-morning she came out to join me on the deck and around noon decided she wanted to go check out the food tent and some of the yard sales in the Park. So we headed off in the golf cart and spent about an hour doing that. She definitely felt better while doing that, but it tired her so when we got back she returned to the recliner. Later this afternoon she got up and spent a couple of hours in her craft room, though, but returned to recliner after that.

Speaking of Gizmo, he and Kerby were very good boys during our yard sale days. Most of the time they were in the house and even though the front door was open, they did not bark or create a ruckus when people came to the tables on the patio. I was proud of both of them! When Elaine was out on the deck the boys were with us and for the most part they were quiet. They only got excited when one of our friends came by and they wanted the attention.

Dinner tonight came from Romanelli’s Italian Deli, near 35th Ave and Dunlap. I got some brisket that was absolutely tender and delicious and accompanied it with a Penne Asparagus Sun Dried Tomato Salad. I had planned to serve the brisket on toast, but when I took our bread out at home I found it was moldy, so that killed that idea! We just ate the brisket without. I also got a brownie and a mini cream puff for dessert. Romanelli’s has one of the most extensive Italian bakery selections I have ever seen.

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