Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

motorhome at Sun City RV
Our Phaeton motorhome at Sun City RV for sale

I got a call a few days ago from Sun City RV, where our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is on consignment sale. While it has not yet sold, they reported a lot of interest in it. As of that date there had been over 240 online clicks on the listing, and over 200 of them were unique (meaning a first-time visit). There had been at least one party that had done a lot of follow-through but did not make an offer to purchase. We are hoping that with the return of many snowbirds to the Valley, interest will pick up even more and that our dear motorhome will be sold.

I did the process of cleaning up from our yard sale. This involved going through all the items left over and storing anything likely to sell in the March Yard Sale in tubs and pitching most everything else. I had four higher-priced items that I will advertise on Craigslist this coming week, and a few items that I dropped off at the St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop.

Elaine is feeling better, though is still feeling wiped out. She has spent most of the day in her recliner, resting, which is good. She also drinks lots of liquids.

I worked a couple of hours this morning on the December newsletter. I did some work on the Social Club News pages as well as Community Messages page, and I added a feature called From The Medical Shed. The latter lets residents know that we have a shed full of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, and lots of other medical equipment items that are available for them to use at no cost. Elaine and George Immerso are the organizers of the medical shed.

I went swimming this afternoon for the first time in about a week. At first the pool water had cooled off too much due to a heater problem. Once that was fixed I was too busy prepping for the yard sale and then tending our tables on Friday and Saturday. So it was great to be back doing my 30-minute circuits of the pool.

Melody Murphy dropped by this afternoon to work with Elaine on Christmas Dinner planning. From what I was hearing, they were mostly working on the shopping list for the two-day event.

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