Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Iris Smart Kit
Lowe’s Iris Smart Kit home monitoring and automation starter kit

I have started posting some items for sale on Craigslist; these are the “high-ticket” items that did not sell in the yard sale over the weekend. I have only a little experience with using Craigslist. I had advertised some items last year but the only response was from a scammer and I cut that off quickly. A couple of items are things I had bought for the house but never used. One is an Iris Smart Kit – a home automation and monitoring package. I bought this but before it got installed we replaced our HVAC system and the new system came with a Nexia bridge built into the thermostat, so I didn’t need the Iris system. Price new $299; I am asking $125. Here’s a link to the listing.

Schlage BE369 Camelot Z-Wave deadbolt

The other item I listed today is a Schlage BE369NX Camelot 619 Home Keypad Deadbolt with Z-Wave. When I installed this on the shed door several months ago I discovered that when it was unlocked using a Z-Wave device it only stayed unlocked for about 15 seconds, and I wanted something I could unlock from the house and have it stay unlocked until relocked. So I replace it with a Schlage BE469 unit that did what I wanted. Price new on Amazon $119.47; I am asking $50. Here’s a link to that listing.

Elaine continues with ups and downs. At times she feels better and is able to get up and do things, but she quickly gets very tired and has to sit down again. She did prepare about half of our dinner tonight, for example. She went out for a short golf cart ride today, but that was the extent of her activities. We still don’t know what specifically is going on and I have not been able to convince her to go to urgent care or doctor.

Our weather continues to be warm and dry. Our high today was 88° – average temp for the date is 77°. It has been 89 days since we had measurable rainfall. Peach trees out at Schnepf Farms in Gilbert have started to blossom and even form tiny fruit. This should not happen until February or so, and can create a serious problem for the farm if this continues, for the fruit will likely die when it gets colder.

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