Elaine: infection. Gizmo Walgreens account. Gizmo new leash.

Thank you to all her friends and family who encouraged (persuaded?) Elaine to (finally) go to a doctor! Last night she said it was time to go to FastMed, an urgent care facility near us, in the morning. So off we went at 9:00 and she was seen by the medical assistant and the nurse practitioner. The immediate diagnosis was a urinary tract infection, which surprised Elaine since she did not have the usual symptoms. They prescribed an antibiotic but said she should go to her primary care physician, because there were other possible symptoms. We have an appointment with Dr Warren Johnson tomorrow morning.

Gizmo now has his own account with Walgreens! Did you know they offer pet medications as well as human? They do. His vet had prescribed Neo Polydex eye drops daily for his Pigmentosa Kerititas and we have been getting the drops from the vet. But since July they have only been able to get the ointment, not the drops, and I find the ointment much harder to apply. I did a little research and found Neo Polydex available from various sources online but last week I asked our pharmacist at Walgreens at N 35th Ave and W Dunlap Ave if they could provide the drops. They could. So I arranged for our vet to get a prescription over to Walgreens and today I picked up his drops. Not only were we able to get drops instead of ointment, but Walgreens is several miles closer, the prescription cost about $10 less, and I will be able to order refills using the smartphone or web app.

Gizmo’s new style leash is on the left, Kerby’s old style leash on the right.

This afternoon I went to PetCo to get a new leash for Gizmo. His old Flexi leash had stopped retracting, making it awkward to use. I had searched online for a replacement – Elaine wanted purple to match his old one – but could not find purple. Several friends sent links to other purple leashes but they were a little thicker in size and would have been harder for me to handle in one hand. I usually hold both leashes in my left hand so I can use my right hand for poopy pickup duties. PetCo did not have the same style we have been using for years, but had the new style which has a flat band instead of a round cord. You can see the old and new side-by-side in the photo; Gizmo’s is the blue one on the left. As you can see, the new style is longer in the body and the handle opening is at a slightly different angle. The longer body is due, I think, to using a band instead of a cord. I used the new one tonight for the first time and found it as easy to use as the old, but the different angle makes it awkward to use the two together. But I think Flexi, the manufacturer, has gone to the new style.

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