Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Good news – apparently the antibiotic is working, and Elaine is starting to feel better. She went to Dr Warren Johnson today, our primary care physician, and he ordered some blood tests which should help identify what is happening. And we should have the urine culture results back in a day or so, which may indicate a change in antibiotic. While still very tired, she has better color today, and by this afternoon seemed a little more lively.

The responses from Elaine’s friends have been heartening and uplifting for her. In addition to the many, many, responses to and about her on Facebook several friends have called her to see how she is doing and one even delivered a plate of cheese, fruit, and cookies today. The latter did not find us home so she dropped the plate off with Pete Petersen, knowing he is a friend of ours, and Pete came by later this afternoon to deliver it.

I got a call from Pete late this afternoon, asking me if I had noticed the message he left me on our Alexa Dot. Sitting in my recliner I looked up and saw it was flashing – I had not noticed it before, even when I put my sunglasses down on the shelf right next to it! My line of sight from my recliner is a little below the level of the Dot, so I don’t always see it flashing. So while he was here I ordered a wall mount bracket for the Dot from Amazon; when it comes in I will mount the Dot on the wall so it will be more easily seen. While I have had the Alexa Dot for a couple of months I am not in the habit of checking it yet – probably because there is not much activity on it. Pete is the only one from whom I have received messages and I have not gotten into using the Dot for other purposes. I started to connect it to my Nexia system but did not get much accomplished on that. I have it connected it to my Google calendar but I need to find out how I can get reminders from Dot.

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