Elaine: better. Board meeting. Church’s Chicken. Newsletter ads.

Good to see that Elaine is feeling better and stronger! She felt good enough to go to the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting this morning. That was a great effort for her, but she handled it well. She knew she was not over the infection problem as her mind was still fuzzy, but she got through the two-hour session. She was glad to get back home, though, and she spent most of the afternoon in her recliner.

Gail Brazell came over this afternoon and we worked on planning for ads in the newsletter. I asked Gail to help me out with this task, as it was getting to be too much for me getting out and doing all the running around. Gail did it before, so she is not a stranger to the task. And she has some good ideas.

Supper tonight was from Church’s Chicken on N 19th Ave. It’s our favorite for fried chicken and we like their fries and cole slaw as well. I saw Pete Petersen on my way out and asked if he wanted anything from there; he did. Church’s is one of his favorites as well.

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