Pizza at Joey’s. Social Club meeting. Elaine better. Patio cleanup.

pizza from Joey's
The Meat Pizza (sausage, salami, pepperoni) with anchovies on my half and pineapple on Elaine’s.

Since we did not go out for breakfast this morning we decided to go out for lunch instead. I have been wanting to go back to Joey’s California Bistro, near 7th St and Bell Rd, so we headed there. We’ve been to Joey’s once in the past, when we lived on Sweetwater Ave, and I remembered the fare as being good but I could not remember why we have not been back since. Perhaps it is because we seldom go out for pizza. In any case, we had the 12-inch pizza (the only size on the menu). We ordered the Meat Pizza: sauce, cheese, sausage, salami, and pepperoni. I had anchovies added to my half, Elaine had pineapple added to hers.

We really liked the crust. I has a lot of elasticity and is nicely chewy with a crisp texture. The ingredients were tasty as well. Upon return to Royal Palm we saw Bill Russell in front of Pete Petersen’s house so we shared a leftover pizza piece with each of them. They gave positive reviews. We had eaten two at the restaurant and had four leftover. We look forward to having the rest another day.

The reason we did not go out for breakfast was that we had a Social Club meeting this morning and we were both tired. We had both been awake since around 4:00 or so this morning! For me, that is the second day of waking up at that time and not being able to go back to sleep again. The meeting started at 10:00 and was done by 11.

After lunch we both laid back in our recliners for a rest. Then I headed to the pool just after 2:00 for a swim; Elaine stayed home.

You are probably wondering how Elaine made it through such a busy day – she did well. She is looking and feeling much better, so it seems the new antibiotic is taking hold and helping her. Thank goodness!

After swimming and a rest, we headed out to the patio to do some more fall cleanup. We cleared off the accumulation on our patio table and stored it in the shed and put away some other stuff on the patio. My next task is to do some hosing down to finish the cleanup. The patio is too hot during summer to use much, so it tends to get cluttered and dirty. Now that temperatures have dropped we will use it more so a good cleaning is necessary.

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