Kerby and Gizmo maintenance. Patio cleaning. Great leftovers. Newsletter.

clean patio
Our patio, tables, and chairs are now clean from the summer accumulation of dust and dirt.

We finished up the patio cleaning task this afternoon. Elaine cleaned tables and stair railings while I hosed down the patio floor and the patio chairs.  I had swept the floor earlier to remove the majority of the dust and debris, mostly leaves, to make it easier to clean. It all looks clean and sparkly now, especially when the floor was still wet. While I had the hose in hand I also washed down the skirting around the house in the patio area as well as the awning posts. The posts tend to collect dust and dirt over time.

It was time for Kerby and Gizmo to get their every-six-weeks maintenance bathing and minor clipping. They get full grooming on the three-week mark in between. So off they went to see Danielle at her house; she had to work at the shop today so they went in at 5:30. We always look forward to them coming back clean and sweet smelling. Kerby especially gets quite dirty looking fast, with his white colored hair.

Elaine made a tasty supper tonight using mostly leftovers from our dinner at Texas Roadhouse Friday night. She made a stir fry using the leftover rib eye steak and the rice, adding chopped onions and red and green peppers to the mix. It was delicious!

I did a fair amount of work on the newsletter today. I used the notes from the Social Club meeting yesterday to add content to the Social Club News section and I created a new Royal Palm Community Info section for more. This afternoon I interviewed the subject of December’s Royal Palm Spotlight.

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