A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

sunset and moon
Another glorious sunset here in Phoenix, accompanied by a sliver moon.

Occasionally I comment about, and show photos of, our Arizona sunsets. Tonight it was so bright and brilliant I had to share once again. Our mostly clear skies that have clouds on the western horizon late in the day create conditions for these great sunsets. We also have conditions in the morning for great sunrises, but they are harder to take photos of because of the mountains to the east of the Valley. That is why you are most likely to see sunset photos here.

Elaine continues to improve, though it is offset by her adding more activities to her day. As a result, she gets very tired and spends a lot of time in her recliner. Today I “caught” her doing some housework in preparation for the woman coming in to clean the house! She slowed down after being chided.

This afternoon we did some grocery shopping at Fry’s. It was a longer session than usual, in preparation for Thanksgiving, and by the time we reached the checkout station Elaine headed for the car while I finished checkout.

And now, after supper, she is napping in her recliner before Dancing With The Stars comes on.

We have a warm forecast for the rest of the week. Tonight they are saying we will have 90° on Thanksgiving Day, which would be a record high. The previous record high was 87°. Average temp is around 76°.

It was quite nice late this afternoon. We sat out on the deck while the lady doing the housecleaning was finishing up. We had a good hour or so with some very comfortable temperatures, sitting in our deck chairs. The boys were out there as well; Kerby even stayed out for most of the time, something he does not usually do. He laid on the deck and watched what was going on in the neighborhood to the rear of us. Gizmo, for the most part, tucked in the chair beside Elaine.

I had a followup appointment with Dr. Kauffman, our cardiologist, today. He wants me to do some followup testing next week.

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