Shauna and Casey. Newsletter. Elaine improving.

Casey, Shauna, Gizmo
Casey and Shauna giving Gizmo his expected due.

Shauna and Casey Dockter, daughter and son-in-law, came down from Rock Springs WY for a Thanksgiving visit – arriving this afternoon. We get to spend a few days with them. They are staying at the Sheraton Crescent hotel just down the road on W Dunlap Ave. They got to our place around 4:30 and after a short visit here at the house we all got in our Equinox and headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper. Shauna had been there with us on an earlier visit but this was Casey’s first visit to us in Phoenix since we moved into Royal Palm.

We had an excellent meal at Las Glorias, as usual, though Shauna did get affected by the hot pepper in her meal. There were two; she ate half of one and gave the other to me. Elaine and I each brought home half of our meal.

Coming back into Royal Palm I did a quick short tour through the RV section and the doublewide section to give Casey an idea of the Park. Since it was dark, we could only give him the gist of the Park. We’ll do a more thorough tour tomorrow.

We then came back to the house, where Casey got the grand tour. At the house we sat in the living room to visit for a while. Gizmo managed, as usual, to dominate the meeting. He spent a lot of time with Shauna and Casey on the couch, except when Elaine persuaded Kerby to come up in her chair for a short time which triggered Gizmo’s jealousy. Tired from travel, they headed to their hotel and we took up watching Dancing With The Stars.

Elaine continues to recover slowly. She was able to be active for several hours this afternoon and evening, which is good. Other than that she rested much of the day.

I spent most of the day working on the newsletter. This included a meeting with Lisa and Jeff at the office to capture the content for From The Office. I have the newsletter mostly done now, just some final little pieces to complete. It won’t get printed until next week, however, because I didn’t want to do it during the Thanksgiving week.

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