A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Casey and Elaine
Casey and Elaine visiting on our deck

Casey and Shauna came over about 11:00 this morning and we got to visit for a while before Elaine and Shauna headed off for their mani/pedi appointments. That gave Casey and I a good chance to visit. Casey works at Tata Chemicals near Green River WY, a soda ash production plant. I worked as an engineer consultant at that plant for a couple of years some time ago, so I know much of the plant well and somewhat of its operation. So I can relate directly to a lot of what Casey does and where he works. He has lately worked as a Surface Shift Superintendent, and he described a lot of what his job entails.

About 12:30 we headed to Smashburger for lunch and then took a ride up to Thunderbird and over to 7 St, by way of Sweetwater Ave so we could see the house we used to live in. This gave Casey a short tour of our part of the Valley. We would have gone further, but I was expecting a golf cart repair fellow to show up sometime after 2:00 and did not want to stay away for too long. As it turned out, the repair guy got held up on an earlier job and would not be able to get to us this afternoon and I rescheduled for next Wednesday.

Shauna baking
Shauna in our kitchen, making pies

Once back in the Park Casey and I got in the golf cart and toured Royal Palm. He really likes how nice the Park looks and how quiet the neighborhood is. Elaine and Shauna got back around 3:00 or so and Shauna got busy in the kitchen making pies and preparing the turkey for tomorrow. She got a lot done in a short amount of time!

at Pappadeaux
Elaine, Shauna, Casey, Dave at Pappadeaux

Then at 4:40 we headed to Pappadeaux for supper. This was Casey and Shauna’s choice, but going to Pappadeaux is no hardship for Elaine and me! Knowing we are going to have lots of food tomorrow none of us wanted leftovers from tonight, so Shauna and Casey ordered and shared Pasta Mardi Gras and Elaine and I shared Chilean Sea Bass. We still brought home some of the Sea Bass!

Back home we continued our visit and sampled some of my liquors. Casey tried, and liked, the blended scotch I get at Trader Joe’s and also liked the taste of UV Candy Bar Vodka (Elaine’s favorite). Shauna didn’t like the taste of either!

Shauna finished up her preparations for tomorrow’s dinner and then they headed back to their hotel.

It was a good day!

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