Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving dinner set out on the patio.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed a great turkey feast with Shauna and Casey and Pete Petersen. Later on Bill and Nancy Schuling stopped by and later on Bill Russell came by.  Those three did not come for dinner, though. The turkey went in the oven around 9:30; Shauna had prepared it to soak in brine overnight and it went in a roasting bag this morning and into a roasting pan. The turkey came out deliciously tender and moist. Shauna and Casey came over about 10:00 and she continued with dinner preparations.

gang at dinner
Shauna, Casey, Pete, and Elaine at dinner on the patio

The temperature got up to 87° this afternoon – great for Elaine, Pete, and me and warm for Casey and Shauna. We get a nice breeze through our patio, which helps to keep it comfortable.

We give great thanks to Shauna for all the dinner preparation she did! Had it been just Elaine and me the dinner would have been simpler, but she went all out and we had turkey, stuffing, deviled eggs, rolls, relish tray, mashed white potatoes, delicious baked sweet potatoes, and pies for dessert. If you look in the photo of the dinner spread you’ll see a muffin tray; the stuffing was cooked in that. It was a different way of preparation that I had spotted on Facebook, and it works well to making individual servings. We also had Chickasaw Fry Bread; George Loonsfoot, a friend from here in the Park, made it fresh today and brought us a dozen. It was also delicious.

We had dinner around 2:00 and stayed on the patio talking and enjoying wine until around 6:00.

This evening we decided to head to Glendale to see the Glendale Glitters light show in Murphy Park, only to find it dark when we arrived. I wondered why the traffic was so light! Then I remembered that when I looked it up on the Internet it said it was open November 24th and 25th. Duh! Today is the 23rd!

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