Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

violet icicle lights
Our violet icicle lights are in place

For many people the passing of Thanksgiving is the signal to put up Christmas decorations. While we don’t necessarily hold to that schedule, I took advantage of Casey being here to help put up the violet icicle lights around the edge of our roof and awning. This has been a chore in years past, because there are a lot of support points where the light strings have to be attached. Pete and I had installed a series of hooks last year to which the light strings are attached, but we used a stepladder to reach those hooks. I have these lights set to come on at dusk and off at dawn.

pole hook
The pole and hook I devised to help with the job of attaching the light strings to the hooks.

Yesterday I took a wooden flag pole, drilled a hole in the bottom end, and installed a wire hook bent to provide a support for the wires. The pole is long enough to reach the peak of our roof in front. I was delighted to see today that this pole hook made easy the task of installing the light strings, and will probably equally make uninstalling easy as well.

Casey and lights
Casey using the pole hook I made to install our icicle lights

I unfurled the light string sets and held them out a ways and Casey used the pole hook to attach them to the hooks. It took us only 20 minutes to install all four light strings; using a ladder that had to be constantly move would have taken at least twice that and would have involved more work.

In order to get the light strings out, we had to roll out one of our under-deck storage trays, so while we were at it we got out all the Christmas decorations and set them on the patio. This way they will be ready for when Elaine and I ready to put them up.

Thanks, Casey!

Christmas display
The display that George Loonsfoot built and I helped him install today in front of the office

George Loonsfoot asked for some help installing the Christmas display he made in the front of the office here in Royal Palm. I was not sure what to expect, but he did a really great job, as you can see in the photo! He hammered a dowel post into the ground for each figure and used a band to attach each figure to its post. Then he threaded a long chain through holes at the bottom of each figure and locked the chain to the porch railing. There is a light set in the ground in front that illuminates the figures at night.

While Casey and I were helping George, Elaine and Shauna went shopping at some quilting stores (Shauna does quilting). Then we all met at Fuddruckers for lunch. Pete came with us.

Casey, Shauna, and Elaine in pool
Casey, Shauna, and Elaine enjoying the pool today

Later this afternoon we went swimming and enjoyed the sun and the pool.


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