Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Casey, Gizmo, Kerby, Shauna
Casey checking in at his plant while Gizmo and Kerby pal with Shauna.

We said goodbye to Casey and Shauna this morning. They came by around 7 or so, all packed up and ready to head back to Rock Springs WY. They fly into Salt Lake City and will do some shopping there before driving back home to Rock Springs. We’ve had a great visit with them, but we all need to head back to our regular lives again. I think not only Elaine and I but the boys as well will miss them. Notice in the photo that Kerby is up on the couch and Shauna’s lap; that is very rare. He does not get on lap or couch very often so it amazes us when it happens. As usual, he did not stay long.

We spent most of the morning relaxing in our recliners. I thought Elaine might nap, but she didn’t. She is still not feeling well, but she did get through a busy Thanksgiving holiday quite well. We hope this week will see more improvement.

Average temperature for this date is 71°, but our high was 86°. The forecast high for tomorrow is 88°. It sure doesn’t feel like late fall!

This afternoon I went back to work on the newsletter, finishing some items left uncompleted. I still have to get back with the Spotlight subject to check some details on that item and I need to check with the office on another item on Monday. I printed out a copy which Elaine and I went through, and once those changes were made I printed out three copies for the reviewers and we delivered them this afternoon.

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