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Christmas decorations
Our Christmas decorations in their current status. There’s more to do.

Being rested a little, I decided that today was a good time to continue with the Christmas decorations. I added the two small spiral lighted trees out front, hung a wreath on the wall in the deck, and set up the Christmas tree on the deck. Plus I got all those connected to electricity. Elaine and the boys joined me on the deck and watched as I was working, and Elaine helped with the large tree and the deck wreath. I also did some work to set up the tall skinny vinyl tree we’ve used for several years. i have been lighting this one from inside with a string of small violet lights and I made a modification to better attach the light string at the top. I’ll install that tree tomorrow.

Elaine, Kerby, Gizmo on deck
Elaine enjoying the weather on the deck, and Kerby and Gizmo enjoying sitting with Elaine
Kerby in doorway
Regal Kerby relaxing in the doorway

We like the combination of violet and white lights. The violet is our trademark and the white makes a clean contrast.

It was a great afternoon, with temps reaching 89° (18° above average!), so it was no hardship to be out working or to be just sitting on the deck. I remember only too well putting up Christmas decorations in Wyoming with the wind blowing and the temp at 30°! Elaine took advantage of the weather to sit on the deck, and of course Gizmo and Kerby joined her. I was surprised when at one point I came up on the deck and found both dogs sitting with Elaine in her chair. Gizmo, yes; Kerby, not so much.

Kerby did not stay long on the chair, but he still stuck around and took his regal pose in the doorway. It’s great when we can all enjoy being out of the house.

By the way, Elaine is still not feeling up to par; she is dragging. The rest the last couple of days has been good, but she is not recovering. Tomorrow we are going to seek to hasten the visit with her doctor.

I went back to work today on a project I have not worked on for several months – putting the Violette family genealogy online via the Violette Family Association web site. Earlier in the year I did some research and comparisons and decided to use The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) package.  It runs on the PHP programming language so it fits in well with the Word Press web site that I use for the Association ( At this point there is a TNG plugin which would make it easier to incorporate TNG with the site, but it is not yet tested with the latest version of Word Press. In the meantime, I am working on setting up the TNG functions to work the way I want them to. The TNG part can be accessible from the regular web site, but without the plugin it’s pages will not look quite the same. My current work is aimed at making the genealogy part work with the regular site so people can trace their roots using the extensive genealogical database Rod Violette has developed and maintains. More later.

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