Christmas dinner planning. Newsletter almost done.

Melody Murphy called one last meeting for planning for the Social Club’s Annual Christmas Dinner. This is the largest event for the Social Club. The dinner has so many attendees that it has to be split into two nights; we can only sit about 90 people at a time in the Clubhouse and we expect 70-80 each night.  While most of the planning had already been done; Melody has already bought the turkeys and hams, for example, and they are stored in our small upright freezer. It takes a lot of people to put this on, with some cooking, some setting up the hall, some serving the dinner, and some cleaning up the hall. Two nights. Elaine is, of course, heavily involved and I am less so.

I spent much of the rest of the day working on finishing up the newsletter. I met with Lisa and Jeff, Park Managers, to finalize some details and talked by phone with Gail Brazell and Chris Nugent to finalize others. This afternoon we made a trip to Walgreens at 35th Ave and W Dunlap to pick up their full page color ad and to make some purchases. I need to meet once more with the Spotlight subject to finish that piece.

I had to break down and add two more pages to December’s newsletter (magazine?) because the content just kept growing. I had been trying to keep it at 24 pages, but this one will be 26 pages. This allowed me to treat some content in a more graphic and impactful manner, which will emphasize some info residents need to know and act on. This is the busiest time of year and December is probably the busiest month.

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