Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

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Our volunteer crew met this morning at 9:30 and got the newsletter inserts done and the newsletters prepared for delivery in about a half hour. While usually several people do the distribution, today, Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale offered to distribute them all! Elaine and Mary usually do Streets A through E, but since we were heading to Elaine’s doctor appointment later we would not have time to do it this morning. Many thanks to Dale, Betty, and Mary! With winter coming on the RV section is filling up and the newsletter print run has grown. I had 365 printed this time, but should have had 380. Not sure where I miscounted, but at least we had enough to give to all. I also posted the newsletter to the web site so the electronic version is available there. You can also click the cover image here to get the newsletter.

As to Elaine’s doctor appointment, I messed that up. I had written in my calendar that the appointment with Dr Johnson was at his Tatum office but when we got there we found out he was at his Greyhawk office today, and there was no time for us to get to the other office for an appointment today. So now she is scheduled to see him on Friday.

As a sign of the times, I received an email today from Nexia – the home automation company who makes equipment that works using the Z-Wave technology. Nexia is a part of Ingersol-Rand, as is Trane – the maker of the HVAC system we have as well as the thermostat installed in our home. The email notified me that our thermostat will be updated with some new and improved features over the next week or so, and the update will be done automatically and without any involvement from me. This is possible because our thermostat is connected to the Internet! Not only can the company make updates to the thermostat, the company from whom we purchased the system can also access our thermostat remotely to diagnose problems or to see how our system is doing. Naturally I can also access our thermostat remotely as well and can make adjustments in settings, etc.

The Schlage locks on our front door and our shed door are also connected to the Nexia system using the Nexia bridge that came installed as part of the Trane thermostat. Schlage is also part of Ingersol-Rand. This connectivity allows me to access those locks to operate them, to change settings and users, and even to add a temporary user and code.

What a different world from that in which I grew up!

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