Elaine better. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Purple lights, red lights.

As proof that Elaine is feeling better, we went shopping this morning at Trader Joe’s and Costco and this afternoon at Winco! Each of those stores has things that we buy there rather than other places, including our regular grocery shopping store – Fry’s. Pete Petersen went with us to take advantage of the transportation and to share in the shopping. Elaine made it through the morning quite well, but took a short nap after lunch. And then she handled the afternoon shopping as well. That was good news!

We like some of the treats available at Trader Joe’s. I bought the dark chocolate bars with hazelnuts and a bag of Longboard Tortilla Chips. I also bought bottles of Trader Joe’s Run, Trader Joe’s Bourbon, and Trader Joe’s Single Malt Scotch. The prices for those are very reasonable and I am pleased with the quality. We  bought other things, of course.

At Costco we bought some prunes, cheese, and some other grocery items. We get the same brand of prunes at Costco that we can get elsewhere, but they have the larger packages with more content. Since we eat prunes daily the larger packages last longer.

At Winco we loaded up six shopping bags or more. We like their Orange Chicken and another oriental chicken dish. Elaine purchases many frozen dinners (88¢ each) for the Rescue Pantry as well as some canned goods. I bought four bottles of wine: the Tisdale brand has reasonable quality and is currently priced around $3.08 per bottle. I buy their red wines to have with supper. Pete turned me on to those. Of course, there were many other items we bought there as well. Winco’s prices are very attractive and are competitive with every other store we know.

In the past I have not gone into Costco or Winco due to the size of the store and the pain it causes me to walk and shuffle that much. But I have learned that both offer electric carts, so now I willing go shopping there. The Costco store is huge, but I think the Winco store is even larger! Actually, I find Winco to be overwhelming in terms of its size and the number of items and selections. But it is fun to go to once in a while.

A day or so ago I reported on the disappointing color of the rope lights I recently bought from Novelty Lights. They are advertised as purple, and the casing is purple, but when lighted the lights show as red. The problem is that these are incandescent lights, not LEDs. I called the company this afternoon to see if somehow I did not receive the correct lights, but my order was correct. The customer rep with whom I spoke apologized for the issue and they will give me a refund of the $99 I paid for the lights. No need to return them. That is good customer service! Of course I have bought all the lights we used for Christmas and other decorations from Novelty Lights, so I am a good customer.

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