Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

bread loaves
The loaves of bread Elaine made this morning.

Elaine had a little better day today; she was active early in the morning baking bread loaves for the Bazaar Bake Sale next weekend and later she decorated our Christmas tree on the deck and hung some ornaments from the awning. But by late afternoon she was worn out and after supper she is laid back in her recliner resting. Those who see her also note, as I do, that she is looking better and when she is “up” she is more sparkling.

This afternoon Elaine got to see her doctor, Dr Warren Johnson, for followup on the recent blood tests he had done. He said there are indications that her recent infection was a virus and that this is probably what her body is still battling. There was one factor that had changed since her previous blood test but it could have been affected by the infection and virus so he wants her to get retested. We’ll get her to a lab tomorrow.

Christmas tree
Elaine decorated our Christmas tree today

Our Christmas decorations got a little further along today. Elaine decorated the Christmas tree on our deck and also put up some of our gold ornaments that hang from the front of our awning. I got out the four strings of violet icicle lights that I recently ordered and stretched them out from being bundled. I fastened one end of each to our lattice on the south side of our awning and dropper by dropper got them straightened out and hanging properly. I then fastened the other end to the lattice and will let them hang until we are ready to put them up in the next day or so.

Dave in machine
Dave in the heart imaging machine after undergoing the stress test

I started off the day with a stress test at the North Phoenix Heart Center, where our cardiologist, Dr Kauffman, practices. This was the kind of test where they put me in an imaging machine that takes three-dimensional images of the heart in motion, then have me raise my heart rate, and then redo the imaging. Tara was the tech who did the imaging parts, and Tony did the stress testing. For the latter, Tony brought me into a room where I was faced with a dreaded treadmill. The purpose of using the treadmill is to get the heart rate elevated – the goal is to get to at least 130. But since my joints will not permit me to use the treadmill, Tony had to use a different approach to raise my heart rate. He sat me down on a table, hooked me up to a bunch of leads, then opened a side door and two ferocious, snarling dogs were let into the room. While the dogs were chained, I did not know this at the start and, yes, my heart rate got elevated very quickly! (OK, Tony, did I tell that well? He said he would read my blog tonight.)

Elaine and boys watching
Sitting on the deck, Elaine and the boys are turned to see who was coming to our house.

When I got home from my testing Elaine and the boys were sitting on the deck. It was such a great day to sit outside, so I joined her until it was time to go in for lunch. We appreciate these great days!

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