More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

More rope lights

more rope lights
I added the rope lights on the deck railings today plus some added ornaments hanging from the edge of the awning

The second and third set of rope lights came in today, so I installed them this afternoon. One rope extends from the rope on the planter boxes, wraps around the top rail on front of the deck and the stair railing, and ends on the rail post. The other starts at the stairs end of the top rail along the main part of the deck and wraps its way as far as it will go. Both ropes are 24-foot with violet LED lights. They are sold by Lamplust on Amazon. I discovered after receiving the first rope that you can join together up to seven of these ropes. This would give you about 170 feet of lights.

Lab and shopping

LabCorp logo
Our insurance uses LabCorp and they have lots of convenient locations and an easy check in process

We made a visit to the LabCorp office at HonorHealth John C Lincoln this morning so Elaine could get her latest blood test done. Dr Johnson ordered this test last Friday, but the labs were closed by the time we left his office. LabCorp has recently streamlined their check in process so you get in and out in a breeze. Elaine did not have to fast for this test so we elected to go in around 10:00, and there was only one person in the waiting room when we arrived. Going earlier is usually much busier, with people who did have to fast and want to get in early.

Fry's loo
Fry’s Foods is where we do most of our grocery shopping

While out, we headed to Fry’s to do grocery shopping. Aside from our own household shopping, Elaine also shopped for some upcoming events. She will be making chili and fudge for the Royal Palm Women’s Club Christmas Bazaar on December 9th. She also bought things in preparation for the Royal Palm Christmas Dinner next week. We are cooking for the Tuesday night event and will eat at the Wednesday night session.

Prescriptions timing

Walgreens logo
We get our prescriptions at Walgreens because that is where our insurance lets us

I got an email from Walgreens yesterday saying that one of my prescriptions was due for refill. The email made it easy to do – just click on a link and it was ordered. This morning I got an email that my prescription was ready to pick up. This afternoon Elaine and I headed to Walgreens to pick it up. On our way home Elaine suggested we go to Ace Hardware to get some hardware items I need for some Christmas preparations.

On our way back from Barry’s Ace Hardware on W Glendale Ave Elaine got a phone call telling her one of HER prescriptions was ready for pickup! Poor timing on our part; had I remembered we ordered her refill recently I would have asked about it when we were at Walgreens a half hour earlier. So back we went. This time instead of one car ahead of us in the drive-up line there were three. And one of them had a lengthy transaction for some reason, so we were in line for more than twenty minutes.

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