Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine feeling better

I am happy to report that Elaine has been gaining back her health slowly, a little each day. She has been more chipper each day, though she still tires as the day wears her down. Over the last couple of days she has gone with me on trips outside the house for activities such as shopping. Today she even went to the craft session at the Clubhouse. That involved a flurry of activity in getting prepared and assembling the materials and tools she wanted to bring with her. She stayed for a couple of hours, getting back home around 1:00. But she was tired this afternoon.

Starting newsletter

I started work on the January newsletter today, setting up the basic file in Publisher. I worked on items such as the event calendar, setting it up for the January dates and shifting around the events that change date from month to month. I also researched and wrote the Tech Tips article for the month and started research on a Senior Resources topic. I wanted to get ahead on the job since there are activities coming up in the next week or so that will need to be reported. I don’t want to leave too much for the week after the Social Club meeting.

Great new ad

The Royal Palm newsletter gets little support from the Park itself, so we depend on advertising revenues to cover the printing cost. For the most part I have been able to almost get enough advertising to do that, but it became too much for me to do alone so I got Gail Brazell to volunteer to help. She had done it under the previous editor, so she knew what was involved.

We lost one advertiser last month. Daryl Layne had managed the Fletcher’s Auto shop at 19th Ave and Dunlap and stayed with them for a few months after they got bought out by Firestone. But suddenly he was gone, and the new manager did not want to renew their business card ad. And we had no idea where Daryl went.

Then this last weekend Leslie Nielsen came by the house with a new business card for Daryl. He now manages the Community Tire Pros shop in the Metro area. I dropped by to see him in his new location this afternoon and also met the owner and his wife. Community Tire Pros has signed up for twelve full page color ads, starting with two pages in the January issue. These ads will be a great help for our revenues.

For our Royal Palm friends, Daryl gave me a handful of cards that will give the bearer $25 off the first service done at Community Tire Pros. Check with me if you want one! Also, know that they will pick up and deliver your vehicle.

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